About Osteria 164

Osteria 164 - Your local Italian Restaurant Pizzeria in Fulham, LondonOur Italian Restaurant, “Osteria 164” is a project born thanks to the experience of our Head Chef, Tiziano, who moved to London in 2011.

After a few experiences as an employee in other businesses in London, Tiziano truly wanted to start a business on his own. The main idea was to bring some of his experience at service of local customers, promoting genuine Italian food and wines, and showing all of the variety and quality that makes Italian cuisine so tasty and special.

Chef Tiziano of the Italian Restaurant Pizzeria Osteria 164 in Fulham

Chef Tiziano has began working as a Kitchen Aid in a Restaurant in a hotel in Marina di Massa (northern Tuscany), at the age of only 13. After about 6 years of apprenticeship and intensive learning, Tiziano has decided to risk it all, and to open his first restaurant business in the centre of the town of Massa (northern Tuscany, close to Carrara).

His first Italian restaurant was named “IL CANTUCCIO“: a cosy family-run restaurant and pizzeria, where Tiziano has began his career, experimenting and perfectioning many simple but quite tasty characteristic and traditional dishes from the Italian districts of Tuscany and Liguria.

Lots of sacrifices, true passion and respect for the profession and for the customers have certainly been among key components of the success of the Italian Restaurant “Il Cantuccio”.

Italian Restaurant in Fulham

Always in search of new challenges, eager for new experiences and knowledge, Chef Tiziano has decided to move to London at the age of 37, where – with the help of 3 of his best friends – he has started our Italian Restaurant in Fulham, “Osteria 164”.

The Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham has been an easy choice, given that the location of the premises is in a residential area, inhabited by people who – on average – have travelled a lot, know true Italian food quite well, and can therefore truly appreciate proper Italian cuisine.

If you haven’t done so already, we welcome you to visit us, discover and taste the dishes on our menu, and enjoy our finest Italian wines. We hope you will appreciate our efforts and our food made with traditional recipes that make Italy one of the richest in taste countries in the world.