Italian Aperitivo Nights

When it’s early evening and you have just been through a stressful day at work, you may feel ready to wind down, meet friends and perhaps have a drink and some buffet food, before the actual dinner: that’s what Italian Aperitivo is all about.

While British culture demands a night at a pub, Italians prefer to have a couple drinks along with some nibbles. Nothing that would ruin your appetite, of course, just a couple hours of relax and a social occasion to meet old friends or to make some new ones: nothing is better than a cocktail and a few stuzzichini (tasty little dishes, instead of the usual – and boring – crisps and nuts). That’s the idea behind the Italian Aperitivo: more of a social venue, rather than a proper meal.

Italian Aperitivo nights at Osteria 164, your soon-to-be favourite Italian restaurant in Fulham, London.Italian Aperitivo

The Italian word “Aperitivo” is the name for both the ritual of going out for a pre-dinner drink, as well as the actual sort of drink that you would have at such an occasion. It comes from the Latin word “Aperire“, meaning “to open” and it’s used to describe something appetising, something that would introduce your taste buds to the food to come, and “open” your stomach.

Today’s Aperitivo is still playing an important role in Italian social life and is as much about the food and drink as it is about socialising.

At Osteria 164 we aim to introduce local customer to this unusual tradition, quite popular in Italy but almost unknown in United Kingdom, where people are definitely more oriented towards a night spent in a pub. We would like to show British people the many aspects of what is a huge variety of the Italian cuisine and culture, and we feel that Aperitivo is one of the traditions we’d like British people to accustom to.

Have a true Italian Aperitivo in London at Osteria 164How does it work?

Every Thursday night, along with the normal dishes and pizzas, Osteria 164 – that we hope will soon become your favourite local Italian restaurant – organises an Italian Apertivo Night. You’re all very welcome to join us, along with your friends and acquaintances, for a couple drinks and as much food as you can eat from our little buffet. Buffet food comes with the drinks, to help you enjoying the evening: we won’t charge you for our buffet, which normally includes quiches, slices of our tasty pizzas, focaccias, pasta and other nibbles like small meatballs.

You don’t even have to make a reservation (although we would recommend you did, as those nights tend to be quite crowded), just come in, ask for your Italian Aperitivo and enjoy it at a table in our dining room, or outside, either on our front patio, or in the backyard.

If – after all this – you still feel peckish, you’re more than welcome to order any of the dishes on our menu: our chef will be happy to make you happy. You’d be at our Italian restaurant already, after all: no

Spread the word, we look forward to meeting you at Osteria 164 soon!